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About The Golf Clap

Golf Course

The Golf Clap was born when two friends decided to take their love for golf on a road trip to collect the best golf stories; whether they be hilarious, heartbreaking, motivational, sentimental, or unbelievable. We believe that everyone has a story and we want to hear about it.  Join Heather and Trish as they explore the world of golf. 

Meet Heather 

Dr. Heather Goldberg,  AKA “The Diva”, became interested in golf in 2017, as a purely selfish pursuit to plan more vacations with her husband. She explained, “my husband is a single digit golfer and was going on golf weekends all around the country, I figured if I learned how to play, I would be going on some of these trips”. She didn’t expect to become completely addicted to the game and to improving her skill set. She has been meeting with a golf coach every week since she started working on a new goal of becoming a single digit golfer. She currently plays more golf than her husband and has won more golf events (but who is counting). She was excited to co-create The Golf Clap so she could combine her passion for golf with her educational background. Dr. Heather Goldberg is a licensed clinical psychologist and has expertise in teaching mental toughness and resiliency. She served as a psychologist in the United States Navy before transitioning to private practice. She is interested in sports psychology and psychological tools to help athletes perform at the optimal levels.  

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Meet Trish

Trish Beers is a seasoned golfer. She has been playing golf for over 20 years and before she was hitting the links she was working behind the scenes to bring you live golf events from the course, to a satellite, to your television.  Trish took up the game to avoid becoming a golf widow. Her husband is a scratch golfer and taught her to play. She quickly got bit by the golf bug and before battling a life-threatening illness was a single digit handicap. Trish is a survivor and since recovering she is a force to be reckoned with on the golf course. She is one scrappy player and queen of games (if you have a chance to play with her bring your $$$). She has collected country club memberships and wins like young boys collect baseball cards. She is a 5x club champ and has won three Women’s Invitationals. She has been a member of Willowbend in Cape Cod, Sacconnesset Golf Club in Fairmont Massachusetts, Hobe Sound Golf Club in Palm Beach (where she served as a Ladies Golf Association President), Coral Ridge Country Club in Ft Lauderdale, Turnberry Isle Country Club, and is currently a halfback at Berkeley Hall Club in Bluffton, South Carolina. 

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